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How Jam On Baby got it’s Jam On…

Seeing my oldest daughter's black and blue knees from crawling across our hardwood and tile floors was the 'light bulb over the head' moment for me. I needed to create a garment that would help comfort her while crawling and later protect her in the tumbling toddler years.

Thankfully, I had the invaluable education from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and a mother who was a costumer, which gave me the essential tools to create a special padding design that could be equally fashionable.

After loads of research and rigorous wash and wear tests, my baby girl got her jam on! It was the greatest feeling to see that smile on her face, and no more black & blues.  Soon after, Jam On Baby caught the eye of pediatricians and physicians.

"The cushioned knee padding comforts baby’s knees when crawling on hard floor surfaces, which helps to promote the proper “cross-patterning” (crawling) motion; in turn strengthening the child’s cognitive development, which will later benefit mental activities, such as reading, speech and math." - Dr. Stephen V. Jochen, D.C.

As a mom, I'm always looking for ways to make the best quality of life for my children, and to find out that crawling was such an important stage of a child's development made me all the more want to share my designs with friends, family, and all of you!  All made in Los Angeles in a variety of trend forward styles that will comfort, protect, and benefit your child’s development.  Jam On!



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