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Now, during these most challenging times of CODVID-19, it is our utmost priority to ensure a sanitized environment.  To our current customers... Thank you for being the heart of Jam On Baby!  Everything we do is because of you, and we promise to always change with you.  To our new customers, thank you for shopping with us!  We can positively say, your little one, or little ones, will be very happy with your purchase! 

"Jam On Baby's knee pad design comforts baby’s knees when crawling on hard floor surfaces, which helps to promote proper “cross-patterning” (crawling) motor skill, an important stage in a child's development.  In turn, this will strengthen the child’s cognitive development, which will later benefit mental activities, such as reading, speech and math."

-Dr. Stephen V. Jochen - Jochen Chiropractic and Wellness Center                                                     




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